ES&H Offers Innovative Spill Cleanup Kits

Environmental Safety & Health Consulting Services Inc. (ES&H) is a 25-year-old company that focuses on emergency response and environmental remediation services; transportation and disposal services; staffing, engineering and sales consultation; and compliance and health and safety consultation.

The company has a nationwide reach, with offices throughout South Louisiana and into Texas.

One of the company’s longtime products is its petroleum hydrocarbon spill kit, a self-contained drum capable of cleaning up small spills both shoreside and on vessels.

“We offer spill kits in 5-, 20-, 30-, 55- and 95-gallon drums,” said Layan Lee Tung, marketing manager for ES&H. “We market these to a large number of our clients, such as vessel companies, transportation companies and oil and gas companies.”

Spill kits typically come with everything needed to respond to a small spill packed into a drum. For instance, the 55-gallon spill kit is rated for recovering up to 45 gallons of liquid. That particular kit includes 40 feet of absorbent boom, 100 absorbent pads, two 38-inch by 63-inch clear pollution bags, two Tyvek coveralls, two pairs of rubber gloves, two pairs of rubber shoe covers, one tube of epoxy repair putty and one drum label.

The petroleum hydrocarbon spill kits are for recovering diesel fuel, gasoline, crude oil, hydraulic oil and transmission fluids. ES&H also offers a universal spill kit, which is suited for recovering solvents, antifreeze, non-aggressive liquids, petroleum products and other “general purpose applications.”

Once cleanup is complete, the drum becomes the disposal point for cleanup materials.

“Upon completion of cleanup activities, all soiled absorbent materials and PPE (personal protective equipment) should be placed back into the drum for transportation to a permitted disposal facility,” Tung said. “Generator and content information should be documented on the drum label and placed on the outside of the drum (side) upon completion of cleanup activities.”

Tung said company representatives can then call ES&H 24 hours a day to schedule a pickup and disposal of the used drum and replacement of the spill kit.

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