The elevating cab securely lifts the operator cabin for greater visibility while moving containers or general cargo.
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Hyster XLS ReachStacker Has Elevating Cab

Inland ports run on time-tight schedules. The consequence of delays can be costly, both in terms of reputation and unexpected logistics and inventory costs. These applications require equipment that can meet these tough challenges.

The Hyster RS46-41XLS ReachStacker was built for tough and demanding inland port and barge handling applications with features designed to help maximize productivity and reduce operating costs.

The elevating cab on the XLS ReachStacker securely lifts the operator cabin with the push of a button for greater visibility while loading and unloading containers or general cargo. The unique low positioned, pantograph lift arm mechanism does not increase the truck height, which simplifies transportation and provides optimal rearward visibility. Compared to existing elevated cab solutions in the market, the Hyster solution has strongly reduced sideways movements and less shock and vibrations when driving.

Load capacities of over 100,000 pounds at 73-inch load center and over 73,000 pounds at 252-inch load center help to improve productivity. A longer wheelbase provides greater stability to support the heavier loads at a longer distance.

The optimized powertrain, featuring a Cummins Tier 4 engine paired with a Spicer Off Highway TE-32 4-speed power shift transmission and Kessler drive axle, enables fast acceleration, smooth shifting, and precise inching. Providing ample power to the variable displacement hydraulic pumps results in greater truck performance and additional gains in efficiency and productivity.

Fuel consumption is a key driver of the total cost of ownership for high-capacity container handlers. A harmonized system design which includes automatic throttle-up, on-demand hydraulics, on-demand cooling and hibernate idle delivers lower fuel consumption on Hyster trucks under varying load conditions.

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