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PASS Provides Comprehensive Facility Security

PASS Security has been providing home and business security solutions in the St. Louis area since 1969. It has residential and industrial segments, but the maritime segment is a big part of its business. PASS’s systems serve several barge companies in the St. Louis area. Its technology partners and equipment suppliers are all leaders in their fields.

PASS Security has spent years developing and perfecting its Maritime OverSite program. The company evaluated hardware and software solutions to take advantage of the latest technology and innovations and combine all these into a rugged, reliable package. The result, the company says, is a suite of components that work together seamlessly to give customers a level of management oversight that just wasn’t possible before.

“It’s more than just a safety and security thing,” said Brad Picket, strategic account manager for PASS Security. “Many of our maritime users tell us that their employee productivity goes up when our systems are installed.”

According PASS Security’s website, a facility can have “eyes” on any or all vessels, from bow to stern, and any or all facilities, from docks to warehouses. The company says this oversight improves a company’s ability to manage risk as well as resources, by giving immediate information regarding logistics and incidents. Cameras can also allow remote inspection of equipment and alert the company when there is an issue or problem.

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Pickett said the resolution of the digital images can be adjusted to suit the client’s need. “Digital footage has to meet all kinds of requirements for all kinds of uses. If you just want to sweep the area and keep an eye on things, that’s fine. And if you want that facial recognition video quality, we can do that too.” PASS’ video systems can achieve resolutions of up to 7K and meet all relevant standards for accurate time-stamping.

Facilities that install security systems often get a break on their insurance rates, and vessels that regularly use yards or terminals with security camera systems can see their rates go down as well.

Pickett said that judging by the steady growth in demand, systems like Maritime OverSite are coming to be regarded as standard industry practice on docks, shipyards and terminals.