Tug Evening Breeze, built by VT Halter Marine.

Bouchard Takes Delivery Of Mv. Evening Breeze, B. No. 252

Bouchard Transportation Company Inc. announced March 14 the delivery of ATB unit mv. Evening Breeze and Barge No. 252 (B. No. 252) from VT Halter Marine Inc. and Bollinger Shipyards.

The mv. Evening Breeze left VT Halter Marine’s Pascagoula, Miss., shipyard facility on March 12, and will meet and pair up with B. No. 252 before sailing to join Bouchard’s fleet service in New York.

The 4,000 hp. Evening Breeze meets the EPA’s Tier 4 requirements and measures 112 feet by 35 feet by 17 feet. It’s equipped with an Intercon Coupler System.

“We are pleased to build on our 37-plus year relationship, designing and building quality, safe, industry leading tugs and barges for the Bouchard family,” said Ronald Baczkowski, CEO of VT Halter Marine. “We thank Bouchard for the trust they place in VT Halter Marine and our talented group of tug and barge shipbuilders.”

Barge B. No. 252 from Bollinger Shipyards.
Barge B. No. 252 from Bollinger Shipyards.

Constructed by Bollinger Shipyards, the B. No. 252 is the sister vessel to the B. No. 250. It measures 317 feet, 6 inches by 70 feet by 28 feet. The B. No. 252 has a 55,000-barrel capacity and will be used to transport clean petroleum products.

“We are proud to continue to be a part of the great success of the Bouchard family,” said Ben Bordelon, president and CEO of Bollinger.  “Mr. Bouchard and his family continue to invest into the future by continuing to modernize its fleet. It is a great American story to have multiple generations of Bouchards continue on as leaders in our industry. On behalf of our many talented craftsmen down the bayou, the Bollinger team is thankful for the opportunity to build this Jones Act-classed vessel for Bouchard Transportation. The Bollinger and Bouchard families have a long tradition of working together, and we appreciate the opportunity to further this tradition.”

These Jones Act vessels include the newest modifications to the Intercon and pin system, as well as technologically advanced equipment in various spaces that are designed to reduce total emissions, thus ensuring a more ecofriendly fleet. The Evening Breeze is the first tug in Bouchard’s fleet with Tier 4 engines.

“Continuously maintaining and advancing our equipment has always been our top priority,” said Morton S. Bouchard III, president and CEO of Bouchard. “We are excited to welcome a new 55,000-barrel clean oil barge to our fleet, as well as our first tug with Tier 4 engines. Our “safety first” philosophy remains at the forefront of our operation, and the mv. Evening Breeze and B. No. 252 are strong representations of VT Halter Marine and Bollinger Shipyard’s ability to help advance our fleet with the most innovative technologies. Our relationship with both VT Halter Marine and Bollinger Shipyards goes back decades, and I am very thankful for all of the hard work and talent that their teams have put into producing another cutting edge ATB unit for Bouchard.”

Caption for top photo: Tug Evening Breeze, built by VT Halter Marine.