WEDA Releases Latest Journal of Dredging

The Western Dredging Association (WEDA) has released its latest edition of the Journal of Dredging. The journal provides technical and project information on dredging engineering topics. The peer-reviewed papers present engineering solutions to dredging and placement problems including dredging techniques, hydrographic surveys, dredge automation, dredge safety, instrumentation, design aspects, dredged material placement, environmental and beneficial uses, contaminated sediments, litigation, economic aspects and case studies.

This edition of the Journal of Dredging contains one paper titled, “Review of the Adverse Biological Effects of Dredging-Induced Underwater Sounds” authored by Andrew D. McQueen, Burton C. Suedel and Justin L. Wilkens. WEDA said readers should find their summary of available information on this emerging topic useful in addressing regulatory and ecological questions about dredging and underwater sound. Volume 17, No. 1 edition of the Journal of Dredging can be read online by clicking here.