New App Makes It Easier To Find A Marine Surveyor

The International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) has launched a new app for iOS and Android devices to make finding a marine surveyor fast and simple. The free app provides information on more than 700 commercial and yacht/small craft marine surveyors in more than 100 countries, the entire practicing membership of IIMS.

Key features of the app include a simple search function by name, by skill set and by location, including the nearest port. Additionally, the app will allow users to rate a surveyor. Communication with a chosen surveyor is easy, with contact being made by email or telephone at the press of a button.

“IIMS has made a significant investment in app technology to make the process of finding a marine surveyor simple,” said Mike Schwarz, IIMS CEO. “The project has taken a year to scope out and complete, but it lifts the digital activities of IIMS to the next level. I am delighted at the ease of use and how fast it is to find a surveyor and connect with them at the push of a button.”

The app has been developed in partnership with eDot Solutions, Goa, the company that has already successfully delivered two other Apps for IIMS. It can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or App Store. Just search for “Marine Surveyor Search.”

Formed in 1991, IIMS is a not-for-profit-organization and a leading worldwide professional body for marine surveyors with a membership of 1,000 surveyors.

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