IDT To Distribute New, High-Powered Diesel Outboard

Innovative Diesel Technology Inc. (IDT), a Houma, La.-based marine and industrial engine distributor, is partnering with British engine manufacturer Cox Powertrain to bring a new high-powered performance diesel outboard engine to the U.S. inland market.

The new product is Cox Powertrain’s CXO300, which, at 300 hp., is the world’s highest-powered diesel outboard engine. Cox Powertrain launched the CXO300 in November 2018, with full production and delivery commencing later this year.

“Through innovation, determination and action, Cox has achieved what was once thought impossible,” said David LeBlanc, director of sales for Innovative Diesel Technology. “The CXO300 delivers the power and torque of a diesel engine with the advantages of an outboard—and with absolutely no compromise on robustness or performance. With this engine, Cox has truly redefined marine propulsion.”

An outboard diesel engine is not a new concept. However, until now, outboard diesels have largely been inboard engines modified for outboard use. What sets Cox Powertrain’s engine apart is that it was designed from the start not only for marine use, but specifically for the transom. The CXO300 conforms to today’s standard transom and propellers and is compatible with steering systems from all major brands. In addition, because the CXO300 was designed specifically as an outboard engine, access points for regular maintenance are easy to reach. The Cox engine runs on standard pump diesel and connects to any NMEA 2000 can bus system.

Thus, the engine is equally compatible with new builds and vessels already in service.

The CXO300 is a four-stroke, eight-valve engine that boasts significantly higher peak torque and fuel efficiency than comparable gasoline outboards. According to Cox Powertrain, the CXO300’s 480 foot pounds of torque is twice that of the leading 300 hp. gasoline outboard and 60 percent higher than the leading 350 hp. gasoline engine. The torque disparity is even bigger at lower rpms. That means a dual or triple installation of the CXO300 will meet torque and horsepower needs where four 300 hp. or three 350 hp. gasoline engines would otherwise be needed.

With regard to fuel consumption, the CXO300 boasts 25 percent better fuel efficiency than its 300 hp. gasoline outboard competitors, allowing operators to travel that much farther before refueling. And thanks to its diesel design, service intervals and the lifespan of the CXO300 are significantly longer than gasoline engines. The CXO300 requires a “dry” service every 1,000 hours or once a year, and Cox Powertrain estimates a lifespan of two to three times that of 300 hp. gasoline engines.

As a result, Cox Powertrain estimated that, even with a retail price of $50,000 for the CXO300, users could realize savings of up to 45 percent over the lifespan of the engine, based on 6,000 hours of use and compared to a similar gasoline outboard engine.

That power output, savings and extended lifespan could make the CXO300 an attractive option for offshore applications aboard larger vessels and for inland vessels, such as crew boats and midstream supply vessels.

Owners and operators in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky and Tennessee should contact Innovative Diesel Technology for more information. IDT, made up of David Leblanc and owners Glenn Plaisance and Chuck Chiquet, exclusively markets the CXO300.

Founded in 2007, U.K.-based Cox Powertrain partners with close to 50 distributors around the world, with representatives in Africa, Europe, the Pacific and North America.

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