Damen Completes Screening Installation for Cemex Go Innovation

Damen Dredging yard has completed the assembly of the screening installation of the CEMEX Go Innovation was celebrated at the Damen Dredging yard. The screening installation is designed for the aggregate dredge type MAD3500 under construction. This hopper dredge features several innovative elements, including the fully re-designed screening installation.

All major offshore aggregate dredges are fitted with a screening installation. The screening process controls the required grain size of a hopper load. Traditionally, a screening installation consists of two separate rotatable towers directing the desired cargo into the hopper hold, while discharging unwanted material overboard. For the MAD3500 under construction for CEMEX UK Marine, Damen has completely redesigned the screening system.

The new design has several features to reduce maintenance and provide an undisturbed loading process. The new screening installation has been designed to last with flow direction optimization, specially added wall thickness where required, and rubber lined components such as the loading chutes. Components, such as the screening decks, can be dismounted quickly and can be done alongside the quay, allowing a quick exchange of the screening decks, which can be later serviced in the workshop. Most components such as both screening decks or delivery chutes are exchangeable.

Compared to previously available loading towers the screening surface has doubled, resulting in improved cargo quality and reduced loading time. Rejected sediment is no longer discharged over the side but leaves the system through the vessels bottom reducing vessel plume.

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The installation will be dismounted to be shipped from Rotterdam to the Damen yard in Galati, where the MAD3500 is being constructed.