Steele Bayou Control Structure Closed

The Vicksburg Engineer District closed the gates of the Steele Bayou Control Structure June 7 to prevent backflow into the south Delta.

Heavy rainfall across the region during the past two weeks has elevated the Mississippi River and its tributaries.

Because the river side of the Steele Bayou Control Structure has risen above the interior elevation of the Yazoo Backwater area, the Yazoo Backwater is unable to drain, and thus, the gates of the Steele Bayou Control Structure must be closed to prevent the Yazoo and Mississippi Rivers from further flooding the Delta, the district said in an announcement posted on its website.

The Steele Bayou Control Structure, which was built in 1969, combined with the Mississippi River and Yazoo Backwater levees, prevents the Yazoo and Mississippi rivers from backing up and further flooding the Delta. The gates had been open since May 22.

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District personnel and their local partners will continue to monitor the conditions of flood control works, including levees, flood walls and pumping stations across the entirety of the district’s jurisdiction. The district has observed no significant issues at its flood control sites.