Ingram To Build New Ohio River Barge Fleet

Ingram Barge Company applied at the end of June for a permit to build and maintain a barge mooring/fleeting facility on the right bank of the Ohio River near Brookport, Ill.

The proposed project would add six barge fleeting facilities along 11,300 linear feet of the river. The six mooring stations would consist of a spud barge on either end of a spar barge that would serve as the primary anchor point. An anchor and chain would be used as a support mechanism. No dredging would be required.

Each mooring station would accommodate 72 barges, including four spar barges running parallel to the bank about 1,600 linear feet and extending riverward 315 to 330 feet.

Proposed commodities would include coal, red flag materials and bulk material including, but not limited to, dry fertilizer, salt, sand and stone.

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