Sennebogen 830 M Electric equipped with a power pack. (Photo courtesy of Sennebogen)
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Power Pack Adds Mobility To Electric Material Handler

Sennebogen continues to be a technology leader in the development of electrically powered material handlers. The firm’s eGreen machines have been proven to reduce operating costs by up to 50 percent when compared to the same machines powered by diesel. Available from the factory on any Sennebogen purpose-built material handler, the eGreen electric drive has been widely adopted in applications from scrap recycling to barge loading.

Historically, choosing electric power has required a trade-off in mobility. Most electric drive machines are installed in a fixed location, hardwired into their power supply, or they are attached to a tether cable that allows a limited range of travel. At the recent 2019 Bauma Exhibition in Munich, Sennebogen demonstrated how today’s eGreen machines can be set free to move about the jobsite.

The Sennebogen 830 E Series displayed at Bauma relies primarily on its 225 hp. (160 kw.) electric motor, with power supplied through a large cable connection at the rear of the machine.

A cable reel mounted on the machine gives the first hint that this machine has something different. Installed, the 830’s counterweight is an integrated power pack that allows the machine to generate its own power when its capabilities are needed in more distant work zones. The result is maximum flexibility, combining the savings and simplicity of eGreen with the mobility of traditional diesel systems.

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Economical And Emissions-Free

The advantages of an electric drive extend far beyond simple fuel costs. Lower wear enables much longer service intervals and less downtime than diesel engines. Oil and filter changes are eliminated, and the cost of other service parts is also reduced. Electrically driven machines are always ready to work and, if necessary, can run around the clock without refueling. Finally, Sennebogen electric material handlers aren’t just cost-effective, they are exceptionally environmentally friendly and give off no emissions. The electro-hydraulic drive systems make work much more comfortable for the operator, too, thanks to being vibration-free.

Adding a power pack to the 830 means that, when the application requires the machine to move to another location in the customer’s facility, the operator can simply disconnect and go. As soon as the machine is required to leave its stationary power supply, all the operator has to do is remove the large plug, roll up the power cable onto the built-in reel, then start up the diesel power pack in the counterweight. With a quick switch, the motor begins to draw from the diesel power pack instead of the electrical mains and the machine is ready to roll.

Cost-Efficient And Comfortable

Even when it’s running off the power pack, the 830 remains cost-efficient to operate. Diesel-powered Sennebogen material handlers are acclaimed for their low fuel costs and low emissions, thanks to a wide range of “Green Efficiency” features designed into all E Series models. The machine’s elevating Maxcab operator station is also designed to maximize productivity. The latest version of the Maxcab is longer than previous models, providing more space for the operator to work comfortably and a wider opening for its sliding door, for even easier access to and from the cab.

The power pack supplies the electric motor with the energy to support all of the machine’s work functions, anywhere it needs to go, without worrying about the limited length of the power cable.  Thanks to the integration of the power pack within the counterweight, the 830 E remains exceptionally maneuverable and compact and makes the most of its strengths as a full-fledged, emission-free material handling machine. The power pack configuration is also offered on a line-up of Sennebogen material handlers ranging from the 818 to the 840 models.

About Sennebogen

Sennebogen has been a leading name in the global material handling industry for over 65 years. Based in Stanley, N.C., within the greater Charlotte region, Sennebogen LLC offers a complete range of purpose-built machines for material handling applications.