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Dredge Yard Wins Contract to Customize an ECO 300 Dredge for CDC Dredging

CDC Dredging LLC has awarded a contract for the design and delivery of a customized cutter suction dredge ECO 300 to Dredge Yard. CDC Dredging is a dredging company based in the United Arab Emirates and mainly operates in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The company purchased a new cutter dredge in order to participate in challenging projects involving hard soil.

CDC Dredging specified a request for a powerful, but easily transportable and compact cutter dredge design. As a result, Dredge Yard will customize its dismountable cutter suction dredge ECO 300 to meet the client’s needs for additional cutting power.

The cutter suction ECO 300 is a shallow draft dredge transportable by truck. Dredge Yard will customize the dredge with increased total installed power (Caterpillar C18 engine in place of the standard C13) and the mounting of a hydraulic, rotary drum cutter head supplied by a collaborating company from Germany. Finally, the cutter dredge ECO 300 standard dredging depth of 6 meters (about 20 feet) will be extended to 12 meters (39.4 feet) for canal deepening projects.

At the request of Dredge Yard, CDC will assemble and test the dredge in its facility in Dubai.

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