Liebherr Designs Components for LNG-driven Spartacus

Liebherr Components Division, in close cooperation with IHC, has designed a wide spectrum of planetary plug-in gearboxes for cutter suction dredges. Its latest development is for the first LNG-driven 164-meter-long (538-foot) Spartacus.

For the Spartacus, Liebherr and IHC developed an anchor winch with two high-torque plug-in gears and equipped these with axial play, in order to guard against tensions in the steel structure. The multiple tooth mesh of the planetary gear stages provides the gears’ high-power density. The drum bearings in the transmission are designed specifically for use in winches to comply with high service life and maintenance-friendly operation requirements. Liebherr conducted a detailed heat calculation and supported IHC in choosing a suitable cooling option.

The Spartacus incorporates 12 different gears with torque ranging from 165,000 to 1,500,000 Nm in use. Spartacus will be able to cut through hard sediments at high speeds.

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