International Dredging Review Partners With The Waterways Journal

The Waterways Journal has covered news involving dredging and marine construction since it first hit print in 1887, but soon that coverage will expand greatly.

As of 2020, International Dredging Review (IDR), the WJ’s sister title, will cease standalone production and its content will be published in six special issues of The Waterways Journal. These issues will focus on dredging, marine construction and civil engineering projects and the companies that do that work along the inland, intracoastal and coastal waters of the United States. It will include an additional focus on important waterway infrastructure including ports, locks and dams, bridges and other structures that aid in navigation. Contract news, both those open for bid and recently awarded, will now be published on a regular basis in The Waterways Journal, as well.

IDR and WJ audiences have similar needs and now they can be better served with one weekly title and the combined resources of two established and professional editorial staffs. Those interested or involved in any type of commerce along the waters of the United States will be better served now than ever before,” said Nelson Spencer Jr., publisher of The Waterways Journal.

The directory of dredge owners and operators will continue to be published annually and will serve as a companion to the annual Inland River Guide and Inland River Record. The website, www.dredgemag.com, and IDR’s monthly e-mail newsletter will continue to be updated and sent.

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“The IDR staff is excited about the partnership and looking forward to delivering more dredging and marine construction content to WJ readers,” said Anna Townshend, editor of IDR. “Meanwhile, we are happy to continue to provide IDR readers with the news and content they have enjoyed for over 30 years.”

IDR subscribers will soon get special offers for converting their subscription from IDR to WJ.