Dredging & Marine Construction

Trimble Marine Construction Software Supports Corps’ Dredge Quality Management Program

As part of a pilot project to test Trimble Marine Construction Software compatibility with the

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Dredge Quality Management (DQM) Program, Trimble Marine with Kruse Integration and Measutronics Corp. installed the Trimble cutter suction dredge system on a dredge owned and operated by the Port of Portland, Oregon.

In this test, Kruse Integration bundled dredge positioning data from Trimble hardware and

Trimble Marine Construction Software with on-board system data, and output the combined data string per the requirements of the Corps. The test verified that data originating from Trimble

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Marine Construction Software can be transmitted to the DQM database through a system provider’s software. DQM Program compatibility gives contractors more bidding opportunities on Corps projects.

This pilot project confirms that operators can use Trimble Marine Construction Software for dredge positioning, heading and data collection as part of a DQM-compatible system.