Mergers and Acquisitions

Turn Services Acquires Michoud Fleet

Turn Services, the New Orleans-based fleeting and shifting company that provides a variety of services to companies operating on the inland waterways of the United States, announced January 21 the acquisition of Michoud Fleet in eastern New Orleans.

The fleet is located on the Michoud Canal, which extends northward from the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW) between the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal and where the waterway crosses the Lake Borgne Surge Barrier east of the Mississippi River. Michoud Fleet provides barge fleeting, shifting and cleaning services and is ideal for tows transiting the GIWW, vessels waiting for lock turn and barge lines seeking to move eastbound tows more efficiently.

“This strategic location, coupled with Turn’s Dockside and Meraux fleets, make Turn Services well positioned to provide lock and flood gate assist services by having fleeting locations on both sides of the Industrial Locks,” said Turn Services President Mario Muñoz.

Intergulf Fleet

Turn Services also recently announced it’s been named the new operator for Intergulf Fleet on the Houston Ship Channel.

Intergulf Fleet has fleeting space for 52 barges, with additional space available for future expansion. Intergulf Fleet’s close proximity to several major refining and chemical facilities makes it an ideal location for barges waiting to access nearby facilities. Turn Services plans to initially dedicate two towboats to Intergulf to service customers’ fleeting and shifting needs in the Houston Ship Channel area. Additional horsepower will be added as demand requires.

“We are very excited to establish a location in Houston to help us further service our customers’ needs in this market just as we do on the Mississippi River,” Muñoz said. “We anticipate expanding our service offerings in the future to include shifting services to Beaumont and Corpus Christi.”

Founded in 1990, Turn Services is one of the largest independent fleeting and shifting companies in the nation.