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DeepRock Disposal Solutions Seeks To Build Well Waste Transfer Facility

DeepRock Disposal Solutions LLC plans to build a barge offloading facility on the Ohio River in Marietta, Ohio.

The facility would transfer traditional well waste to existing upland storage tanks, according to the application for a permit filed with the Huntington Engineer District. It would be located along the right descending bank approximately 173.2 miles downstream of Pittsburgh, Pa., with an address of 20220 State Route 7, Marietta, Ohio.

The existing facility to be used includes a barge dock with a center platform and two pile dolphins accommodating one barge 300 feet long by 54 feet wide. The existing facility also includes a crane capable of handling hoses for the purpose of connecting dock pipe valves to barge piping vales and an existing 90-foot long walkway/pipeway extending from the dock to the top of the riverbank.

The two existing interlocking piling dolphins extend 150 feet upstream and 75 feet downstream from the barge dock for mooring of tank barges. The maximum riverward extension of the facility would be 158 feet from the shoreline at the normal pool elevation of 582.0 about mean sea level. The overall facility would extend 241 linear feet along the shoreline.

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A public notice with details about the application is posted on the Huntington Engineer District website.