Gator Dredging Completes Maintenance Dredging in Fort Pierce

In April, Gator Dredging completed a maintenance dredging project for the City of Fort Pierce, Florida, along the Intracoastal Waterway (ICWW). The work included hydraulically dredging and dewatering about 10,500 cubic yards of sediment from the ICWW, approximately 2,500 feet south of the A1A bridge in Fort Pierce, Florida. The area had shoaled to emergency levels.

The material was pumped via pipeline to a dredged material management area site, located at 22 Fisherman’s Wharf Drive, north of the boat ramp/marina. The dredge work was completed on April 10, followed by the last dewatering and site clean up, including restoration of the sod, removal or turbidity barriers and sedimentation controls.