ERL 12LS pump.

ERL Redesigns 12LS Pump

ERL’s 12LS pump has been redesigned to achieve optimal levels of performance and efficiency. Each pump is customized to fit the customer’s needs, and custom pump heads ensure a perfect match to existing pump configurations. The 12LS pump can flow the same as a Byron Jackson 13LS and 33 percent more than a Byron Jackson 12LS. ERL’s 12LS pump can also discharge a 30,000-barrel barge one hour and 52 minutes faster than a Byron Jackson 12LS, the company said.

 By utilizing ductile iron on all of its castings, ERL is able to give customers twice the strength of typical cast iron pumps, resulting in a longer life. By assembling each pump vertically, the company perfectly aligns every component concentrically with the next, giving the pump a perfect fit. By testing pumps in a third-party laboratory, ERL is able to guarantee that its customers get the performance they desire with the proof to back it up. Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling has allowed the company to optimize every component, meaning less fuel wasted and less time needed to discharge a barge.

 As the company celebrates its 50th year in business, ERL continues to be a leader and innovator in the industry.

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