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Rio Marine Announces Two Subsidiaries Expanding To Corpus Christi

Rio Marine has announced that its subsidiaries Rio Controls & Hydraulics (RCH) and Rio Marine Electronics (RME) have opened a new location in Corpus Christi, Texas. RCH specializes in hydraulic service and has a machine shop for cylinder repair and rebuild, and RME provides a full range of systems for navigating and communicating, as well as crew entertainment.

RCH will provide hydraulic parts and service, troubleshooting, fabrication, filtration and engineering for hydraulic systems. The Corpus Christi expansion is the fifth location for RCH, others being Houston and Port Arthur, Texas; New Orleans; and New York. Throughout its five locations, RCH has a full electrical, mechanical and hydraulic engineering staff and two full-service machine shops to support more than 15 technicians, the announcement said.

RME represents Furuno, JRC, FLIR, Zenitel, RosePoint, Intellian, Icom and Standard Communications. RME also provides the full range of power and antenna farm systems required for vessel operations along with vessel security systems including CCTV and Voyage Data Recorders. The expansion into Corpus Christi is the second location for RME with the other being Houston.

Rio Marine business unit Barge Maintenance has also opened an office in Corpus Christi, which is its fourth location, others being Houston, New Orleans, and Port Arthur, Texas. Barge Maintenance provides routine engine servicing, performing preventative maintenance on equipment, and the installation of complete high-level barge alarm systems on inland and offshore barges. Barge Maintenance has also added heater rebuilds, repair and service in support of the barge industry.

Rio Marine started in one location in Houston in 2002, supplying 24/7 electrical service to towboats. The electrical services group grew to embrace all marine industries, inland and offshore, and opened additional offices in Bridge City, Corpus Christi, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Mobile, Pittsburgh and New York. Rio further expanded its business with the addition of barge maintenance, audio gauging, RCH and RME. The Rio Marine family currently employs more than 150 technicians and staff who provide around-the-clock support to the marine industry.