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Hydra Force Offers New Products

Hydra Force LLC, a hydraulic equipment manufacturer and service company well known for its electric-over-hydraulic steering systems, is introducing two new products to the marine industry. The Belle Chasse, La., company has engineered and produced a Pilothouse Alerter System and a  Marine Alarm System. Two years ago, it developed a new rudder angle indicator that meets Subchapter M requirements.

The Pilothouse Alerter System, also commonly referred to as a “Man Down System,” monitors movement and sounds an alert when it detects none for a set period of time. The system can be customized to meet each customer’s specific needs. For instance, it can be armed when the steering pumps are on or when the main engines are in gear, and it can be connected to the general alarm. The system can be installed with an indicator light in the pilothouse and with audible alarms, as well as with a reset button and an adjustable timer.

The Marine Alarm System includes remote monitoring capabilities, data logging and password protection. The system can be customized to include main and remote panels, boxes, sirens, signal lights and sensors, Hydra Force LLC said. To ensure continual operation during a power-loss event, each main panel receives power from an internal 24V power supply and battery back-up.

“Both new systems are built with rugged, industrial-grade components, and they undergo rigorous quality control and performance testing prior to being deployed,” said Mike Kennedy, president of Hydra Force. “We design, build and service all of our products and hold a one-day event here at our Belle Chasse facility to train our customers, including port engineers and captains, so they can troubleshoot and identify issues when they are on the boat.”

Hydra Force and its team have served the pushboat industry with hydraulic systems since 1997.