Dredging & Marine Construction

Memphis District Plans Channel Work

The Memphis District issued two task orders in late July for channel improvement work. The work includes stone repairs to existing damaged dikes, hardpoints, revetments and other river training structures, and placement of riprap upper bank paving for stone protection above articulated concrete mattress (ACM). The work will take place at seven different river locations within the district.

Project Manager Mark Mazzone said the district issued these two task orders to repair damages caused by the 2019 Mississippi River flood. Funds from 2019 supplemental damage appropriations will cover the cost.

Mazzone went on to say improvements to the navigation channel like these are done by constructing various stone navigation structures including dikes, bendway weirs, chevrons and hardpoints as well as stone and ACM revetments.

These features are constantly under attack by the erosive forces of the river’s currents. The Corps counters these potentially destructive forces by using various types of stone to repair and restore the features to their original, designed dimensions.

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