National Transportation Safety Board Improves Search Functions; Marine Queries To Come

The National Safety Transportation Board announced October 14 that it has upgraded the search function to its database of incident cases. But those searching for marine investigations may have to wait a bit before being able to use those new functions.

The NTSB developed a new query tool, CAROL (Case Analysis and Reporting Online), which the agency says enhances the website’s search capabilities for its investigations and safety recommendations. Future enhancements will include improved access to docket items as well.

CAROL replaces the previous Safety Recommendations Database search. Users will be able to search all of the NTSB’s 15,000 safety recommendations using CAROL. To learn more about searching recommendations, visit the agency’s Safety Recommendations Page​​.

CAROL enhances the database search process on It has three query options: Keyword Search, which allows you to search on one of the six fields listed in the search box; Basic Search, which allows you to search any of the seven available fields; and​ Query Builder, which allows you to build custom queries by selecting from a variety of investigation and recommendation fields. You can select whether to display results that match any or all of your individual query rules, or group your rules so results match any or all of the multiple rules in your grouping.​

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CAROL includes both investigative and recommendation data.  When using these search options, you first choose whether to view the results as a list of investigations or recommendations.

The system is active now for aviation investigations since 2008, with the exception of mid-air collisions. However, “investigative data from rail, pipeline, hazardous materials, highway and marine is currently being migrated into CAROL and will continue in the coming months,” the NTSB said in a press release.

For now, NTSB advises you to use the existing docket query to search for an accident docket in those modes. In the future, docket search capability will be covered within the CAROL tool.

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