360 Coverage Pros Offers Convenient, Instant Marine License Insurance

Mariners in need of marine license and professional liability insurance have a new option, with 360 Coverage Pros entering the market. What’s more, the application process and online interface that 360 Coverage Pros offers make acquiring marine license insurance easy and instantaneous.

Underwritten by Berkley Offshore, 360 Coverage Pros entered the inland market for marine license insurance about a year ago, said Chris Buseman, program manager for marine license and professional liability insurance for the company.

“Until now, the process of securing a marine license insurance policy involved requesting quotes, filling out lengthy applications, and awaiting approval or making payment before binding coverage, Buseman said. “We identified a need in the current market and did our best to fill the void. 360 Coverage Pros had a vision for bringing a strong, fresh and contemporary insurance product to market with an ease of use and customization never before seen.

“We identified where there was a gap that we could fill by coming in and creating a really simple way for people to get the coverage they needed, all online, rather than just doing it the old way,” he added.

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Much like modern insurance providers in other markets, 360 Coverage Pros offers mariners the ability to go online, input their information, select the coverage level that fits their needs and immediately receive a certificate of insurance. Coverage is available with low monthly payment options and instant proof of insurance documentation.

“We’re the only ‘click and bind’ coverage that’s out there,” Buseman said. “We’re a new alternative. People have options now.”

360 Coverage Pros also offers discounted group coverage for maritime companies, unions and industry trade associations, in addition to working with outside marine brokers and agencies. With that, 360 Coverage Pros can design and tailor a customized company or group webpage for upscaling coverage options and accessing policy information and coverage documents. Individual coverage starts at as little as about $26 per month, with highly competitive group rates.

360 Coverage Pros offers three main levels of coverage for mariners. Coverage A includes license protection and defense, loss of personal property, foreign jurisdiction coverage, and coverage for fines and penalties. Coverage B includes civil and criminal defense, in addition to Coverage A’s protection. Coverage C offers civil legal liability protection and includes both Coverage A and B protections.  They also offer option loss of income coverage.

Buseman said, when an incident does happen on the nation’s waterways, it’s beneficial for the mariner to have insurance coverage and an attorney dedicated to him or her.

“When you have your own policy, your own coverage and your own lawyer, they have your best interests in mind throughout the entire process,” Buseman said. “For  peace of mind, all credentialed officers should have a policy.”

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