Callan Marine Awarded Long-Term Contract With Port Of Corpus Christi

Callan Marine, a Galveston, Texas-based provider of dredging services, announced February 1 it has been awarded a long-term contract for maintenance dredging within the Port of Corpus Christi, in addition to new dredging work related to Phase 2 of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel deepening project.

“The Port of Corpus Christi is a vital piece of our waterway infrastructure, and Callan Marine is honored to be a part of maintaining it,” Callan President Maxie McGuire said. “Keeping our nation’s waterways accessible and improving commerce is a priority for Callan, and we are proud to partner with this crucial port.”

The maintenance dredging portion of the contract is focused on the port’s docks and involves the ability to plan work in advance in order to respond to shoaling, dock utilization and dredge availability. Callan announced in April last year that it had been awarded the $97.9 million contract for the Phase 2 deepening of the ship channel, including deepening and widening the channel from Harbor Island to 2.7 miles past La Quinta Junction.

Callan’s new cutterhead dredge, the General MacArthur, is handling the deepening work, while additional members of the Callan fleet, including the General Eisenhower and General Patton, will conduct the maintenance dredging.

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The 36-mile-long Corpus Christi Ship Channel has more than 30 ship berths scattered along it that serve cargo, dray and liquid bulk, breakbulk and wind energy industries. The Port of Corpus Christi is the third most profitable port in the United States and the second largest export gateway for crude oil.

“The Port of Corpus Christi is proud to partner with Callan Marine on this new dredging program,” Port of Corpus Christi CEO Sean Strawbridge said. “As the largest port in revenue tons and the largest energy export gateway in the United States, the Port of Corpus Christi recognizes the importance of more critical coastal navigation infrastructure in support of goods movement. Keeping our waterways dredged to authorized depths allows for the competitive export of U.S. goods, and Texas-based Callan Marine is the right partner for the task.”

Callan is also at work to expand its fleet even further, with the General Bradley, a 28-inch, 9,000 hp., diesel-electric-powered dredge, under construction at Hallmark Shipyard in Morgan City, La. Callan expects the General Bradley to be delivered in the latter part of the second quarter this year.