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New Firm Offers Virtual Consulting Service For Oily Water Treatment And Disposal Problems

Roscoe McWilliams, founder and president of SkimOil Inc., has launched a new independent business venture: “OilyWaterExpert” (OWE) to provide for-hire virtual consulting and guidance for oily water problems.

OilyWaterExpert furnishes cross-industry, experience-driven, unbiased and confidential troubleshooting and advice for handling and dealing with marine oily bilge water problems.

 Marine oily water is dealt with only by these three methods: use of oily water separators (mechanical devices designed to remove oil from water), by pumping it off to a third party for treatment at a wastewater treatment plant or by evaporating the water portion away to atmosphere.

“Oily water is tricky stuff to work with and does require specialized knowledge and expertise,” said McWilliams, who, with the OWE team, has been working marine oily water problems for more than 25 years. “Most discharge problems need unique and specialized solutions. Off-the-shelf equipment doesn’t usually work with oily water on inland waters, where oily water changes from boat to boat, and that’s where a lot of companies get in trouble.

“Most industrial generators and producers of oily water have someone who does have some knowledge or experience with this stuff, but that is usually incidental to their real job description. Oily water treatment is very complex and specific to each waste stream and conditions.”

​By now, most oily water problems can be worked out remotely with phone, e-mail, pictures, videos and videoconferencing sessions, McWilliams said. By working virtually with clients, often for just an hour or two, OWE can bring very experienced and fresh eyes to existing and ongoing oily water treatment and disposal problems, he said.

With existing systems, OWE can often discover the root problem or missing element and cause of the problems, and even identify and recommend solutions or adjustments to restore function to keep oily water discharges legal and workable for the situation. Finding the right solution is a process.

For more information, visit or call 919-357-9222.