East Kentucky Power Co-Op Signs Deal For Barged Coal

East Kentucky Power Cooperative, based in Winchester, Ky., bought 50,000 short tons of Central Appalachia barged coal from River Trading Company for delivery in 2021, according to Platt’s. The EKPC also increased deliveries on its contracts with foresight Energy by 48,000 short tons.

The cooperative told the Kentucky Public Service Commission it bought the coal for deliveries through December 31. The deliveries, which started on February 17, will come from the Job No. 5 surface mine in Johnson County, Ky., and they will be shipped to the Spurlock Station’s Gilbert Unit No. 3 and Unit No. 4 near Charleston Bottoms, Ky. All shipments will be loaded in Ingram Barge Company barges at the River Point Terminal on the Kanawha River.

In 2020, the Spurlock Station took delivery of 3.06 million short tons of coal from 10 suppliers at an average delivered price of $41.53per short ton, according to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

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