NTSB Unveils ‘Most Wanted’ List Of Safety Improvements

The National Transportation Safety Board released its final 2021–2022 Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements during a public webcast board meeting April 6.

The five-member board voted to include 10 items in the 2021-2022 Most Wanted List of Transportation Safety Improvements. The list, which includes one maritime item, will become the basis for a safety public information campaign for the next two years.

The list includes: 

• Require and Verify the Effectiveness of Safety Management Systems in All Revenue Passenger Carrying Aviation Operations 

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• Prevent Alcohol and other Drug Impaired Driving

• Require Collision Avoidance and Connected Vehicle Technologies on All Vehicles 

• Eliminate Distracted Driving 

• Implement a Comprehensive Stra-tegy to Eliminate Speeding-Related Crashes

• Install Crash Resistant Recorders and Establish Flight Data Monitoring Programs

• Protect Vulnerable Road Users through a Safe System Approach 

• Improve Pipeline Leak Detection and Mitigation

• Improve Rail Worker Safety

• Improve Passenger and Fishing Vessel Safety

The list was developed from more than 1,200 items gathered and proposed by the various offices within the NTSB. The last item was originally two separate items in the draft list that came up for debate, one relating to fire-detection and extinguishing equipment aboard passenger vessels, and the other relating to safety aboard fishing vessels. But after discussion, the two items were combined to make room for the item about improving rail worker safety. One board member pointed out that commercial fishing is the most dangerous occupation in the country.

Board members stressed during the meeting that there is no implication that safety recommendations that didn’t make it onto the list are any less important.