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DSC Announces New Features For Moray Class Dredge

Reserve, La.-based DSC Dredge has announced upgrades to its long-running Moray class dredge, which has been in production for more than 20 years. The Moray design, which features a swinging ladder and a submerged dredge pump, has excelled as a highly productive and transportable option for the environmental dredging industry, with its trend toward low flow rates and higher percent of solids.

Now, DSC is offering the Moray class dredge both with engines to meet Tier 4 or Stage 5 emission requirements in higher regulated countries and with engines suited for lesser-regulated regions. The Moray will also feature DSC Dredge’s newest technology.

Most notably, DSC’s Moray class dredge will feature the company’s patented walking spud carriage apparatus, or “spud gliders,” which allow the vessel to move forward or backward while constantly maintaining contact with the seabed.

“Each of the four spuds individually and automatically repositions itself after stepping, which allows for almost uninterrupted excavation,” the company said in an announcement. “This leads to much greater throughput with much lower operator fatigue.”

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According to DSC, the spud gliders will boost the Moray’s hourly production while also decreasing operational costs.

The Moray class dredge is designed for applications where flow rates must be minimized, such as pumping into geotubes, filter presses or retention areas that cannot accept large volumes of water. The design is also suited for shallow waterway maintenance, lake work, aquaculture, environmental cleanup efforts, erosion control and irrigation projects. And with a discharge size of just inches, Moray class units meet most single-truck hauling requirements.

As with DSC’s other dredges, the Moray class dredge can be customized for specific applications, with added features including swing winches, a traveling spud carriage, dredge automation, variations in dredge size, extended digging depths, production instrumentation and installation of DSC Vision.