Arcosa Marine Products Wins AWO Safety Award For 30K Clean Tank Barge Design

During the American Waterways Operators’ Summer Safety Committees meeting in Chicago August 11–12, AWO’s Tankering and Barge Operations Subcommittee presented AWO affiliate member Arcosa Marine Products Inc. with the subcommittee’s second annual safety award.

Arcosa received the award for its new ARC-TB-30K (30K Clean Tank Barge), which is designed to enhance personnel safety and environmental protection through physical barge improvements and a new technology platform.

“Arcosa Marine is highly deserving of this award and has exemplified leadership, innovation and commitment to safety with its new ARC-TB-30K construction and technology,” said Jennifer Carpenter, AWO president and CEO. “The Tankering and Barge Operations Subcommittee continues to do great work to raise awareness and improve safety for maritime personnel, and AWO is proud of the advances both the subcommittee and our members like Arcosa are making in this area.”

The award was presented by the subcommittee’s chairman, Team Services CEO Jim Fletcher, to Neal Langdon, Arcosa Marine executive vice president.

“In our effort to further advance the integration of innovation and safety into the products we manufacture, I challenged our Marine group to build a tank barge with improved safety and remote monitoring features to better serve our customers,” said Antonio Carrillo, Arcosa Inc. president and CEO. “I am proud of this safety award from AWO, which demonstrates that our team met the challenge and is a driving force for innovation in the tank barge industry.”

Kerry Cole, group president at Arcosa, who has direct oversight of Arcosa Marine, said, “I want to thank the AWO Tankering and Barge Subcommittee for choosing Arcosa Marine for the second annual safety award. We place safety and environmental sustainability at the top of our list in all that we do and plan to continue building on our successful efforts leading innovation for industry. Our entire team of professionals, from those involved at inception of this barge to the craftsmen who built it, all did a great job and should be commended.” 

Other nominees included Canal Terminal Company, nominated for soliciting feedback from tankering personnel following each transfer occurrence in order to identify opportunities for improvement at their respective docks; Energy Transfer Marine Group, nominated for efforts to proactively improve mooring arrangements, access/egress concerns and other safety issues; Genesis Marine, nominated for enhancing fall overboard prevention by developing practicable and functional solutions; and Kirby Inland Marine, nominated for enhancing fall overboard prevention by developing practicable and functional fall overboard prevention solutions.

The first annual Subcommittee on Tankering & Barge Operations safety award was presented last year to AWO affiliate member CITGO Petroleum Corporation’s Lake Charles, La., marine department and facility.