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MobileOps Announces Integrated Marine Ordering And Operations Platform

MobileOps Inc., a designer and developer of maritime software applications (logistics, safety, compliance, vessel maintenance, scheduling, analytics) and OpenTug have teamed up to provide what they say is the first booking, customer portal and marketplace platform designed for the tug and barge industry.

“With operators burdened by growing complexities in the maritime sector, it’s more important than ever to eliminate operational inefficiencies and costly information gaps to stay competitive in an ever-changing marketplace,” the two companies said in a press release. The OpenTug and MobileOps integration is driven by a mutual goal to simplify and automate internal workflows for dispatchers, crew members and sales teams without compromising customer satisfaction. Designed by industry experts, this collaboration will “revolutionize the maritime sector through the optimization of booking and dispatching marine vessels, ” they said.

MobileOps CEO and founder Michael Armfield said, “We’re excited to partner with OpenTug and provide our mutual customers with an integration that provides an end-to-end ordering platform. Our customers are excited about pairing OpenTug’s booking request portal that feeds right into MobileOps’ powerful jobs and logistics product—saving tremendous amounts of time for all involved. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

Paired together, the MobileOps and OpenTug platforms enable operators to keep clients in the loop.

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“I am excited about the application that OpenTug and MobileOps are putting together,” said Blake Klingeman, chief operating officer at Curtin Maritime. “For the maritime industry to maximize its potential, it is important to give customers tools that match how they work in other aspects of their business. These are disruptive tools for the industry that will push transparency and open up a customer base that traditionally underutilized marine transportation. This will open many doors to future transformation and a shift to provide customers more value.”

Jason Aristides, co-founder and CEO of OpenTug, said, “The work OpenTug is doing alongside MobileOps will provide the maritime industry with a platform that enables tug and barge transportation to reach its full potential in the global supply chain. The integration will vastly increase the capabilities of marine services by allowing customers to access opportunities, while enabling internal teams to make quick and informed decisions.

Many industry leaders share a similar vision for streamlined communication between customers, sales, operations and crew. We are excited to be turning this vision into a reality.”