With the mv. Mississippi in the background, federal, state and local officials break ground for a new project to replace the Caruthersville floodwall. (Photo courtesy of Memphis Engineer District)
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Caruthersville Floodwall Work To Begin

The Memphis Engineer District held a groundbreaking ceremony in Caruthersville, Mo., April 3 to celebrate a federally funded project to replace the Caruthersville Mississippi River floodwall. The estimated contract award for this project is $20-25 million dollars. Construction is estimated to start this summer, with completion in winter 2024.

The new floodwall will enhance the safety of more than 135,000 residents, $6.28 billion in property and $7.5 billion in agriculture.

This project will replace about 3,000 linear feet of floodwall. The gravity wall sections will be replaced with inverted T-Wall sections, and the floodwall will also be raised 1 foot in height. In addition, the close structure at Carleton Avenue will be permanently closed, and an over-levee access ramp will be constructed to replace the closure structure.

About $1.5 million in utility relocations were required to provide the construction contractor a workable construction site.

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