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Memphis District Completes Revetment Project

A Memphis Engineer District project delivery team recently completed a $5.3 million revetment project on the Mississippi River in Bauxippi-Wyanoke, Ark.

Work began in November last year when historic low water conditions and tow restrictions delayed much of the river industry’s transportation of goods. Despite these less-than-stellar conditions, the team completed construction ahead of schedule, finishing all work on December 16, 2022.

Contractor Luhr-Crosby LLC, Columbia, Ill., executed the project work, which consisted of placing approximately 142,000 tons of graded stone C (400-pound maximum stone size) to repair a large bank failure upstream of the West Memphis Port to restore the riverbank to stable slopes.

Project Manager Zach Cook said this project is important because it helps maintain a safe and reliable navigation channel in this river reach.

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“It also protects the flood risk management infrastructure in this area with the Mississippi River levee system located nearby,” Cook added. “Finally, this completed work also helps protect the West Memphis Port facility located immediately downstream, which is a vital engine for the local economy in moving grains, steel and other commodities.”

To ensure a navigable river, the Memphis District performs different types of construction and maintenance similar to this project, including revetments, dikes and other river training structures.

“Revetment projects like this one assist in stabilizing the riverbanks, maintaining a desirable channel alignment, and act as important river infrastructure,” Cook said.