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Washington State Senate Passes Resolution Supporting Jones Act

The state senate of Washington passed a bipartisan resolution February 16 stating that Washington is “committed to the development of its maritime industry’s role in achieving a sustainable future and contributions to economic growth, ecological health and thriving communities,” and highlighting the role of the Jones Act in cultivating a strong domestic maritime industry that is critical to Washington’s and the country’s economic prosperity and national security.

The resolution was sponsored by state Sen.  Karen Keiser (D) and co-sponsored by state Sen. Mark Schoesler (R).

The resolution also notes that:

• Washington is home to 22,500 maritime jobs supported by the Jones Act, and the Jones Act fleet supports nearly 650,000 family-wage jobs nationwide.

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• The Jones Act fleet contributes more than $154 billion in economic output nationally and $6.1 billion to Washington’s economy.

The American Waterways Operators commended the passage of Senate Resolution 8611.

“The American maritime industry–and the tugboat, towboat and barge industry that makes up a substantial part of it–is a critical economic engine and committed leader on environmental sustainability in Washington state and across the United States,” said Peter Schrappen, AWO’s vice president for the Pacific region.

“The Jones Act is the foundational law that makes it possible for American maritime to make these and many other contributions to Washington’s economy, security, environment and quality of life. AWO applauds the Washington state senate for recognizing the importance of the American maritime industry and the law that fellow Washingtonian Sen. Wesley Jones crafted to ensure its continued vitality.”

The Jones Act–named for its original author, then-U.S. senator for Washington state Wesley Jones–is the federal law requiring that vessels transporting cargo between two U.S. ports be American-built, American-owned and American-crewed.

You can read the resolution here.