The dredge General Marshall is the third DSC dredge in the Callan fleet. (Photo courtesy of Callan Marine)
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DSC Delivers Dredge General Marshall To Callan Marine

In mid-April, Callan Marine, a Galveston, Texas-based dredging and marine construction company, took delivery of its seventh dredge, an 18-inch cutter suction dredge named the General Marshall. Callan staff, crew and guests gathered at the company’s headquarters to watch the General Marshall as it was launched at Kennedy Shipyard nearby.

An eighth dredge, the General Arnold, will come on line later this quarter, said John Sullivan, CEO and managing principal at Callan Marine.

“This is the seventh dredge to join the Callan Marine fleet, with the General Arnold on the horizon,” Arnold said. “Our commitment to the dredging industry continues to grow, and by expanding our fleet assets, we stand ready to respond to the needs of our coastal waterways.”

Reserve, La.-based DSC Dredge built the General Marshall, which measures 194 by 41 feet. The dredge has a total of 3,005 hp. and features advanced production automation and monitoring systems. DSC and Callan collaborated on the dredge’s overall design and features, said Troy Trahan, Callan’s CAPEX manager.

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“Callan Marine added a survey office, storage room and crew break room, along with captain and chief engineer office space, to the original design of the dredge,” Trahan said.

The dredge’s tanks and superstructure modules were fabricated at DSC’s Poplarville, Miss., manufacturing facility. Components were then transported to Reserve, where DSC assembled and commissioned the vessel.

“Once the vessel had been completed and tested, DSC disassembled the vessel and shipped it piece by piece via trucking to Kennedy construction yard in Galveston, Texas, where the final assembly took place,” Trahan said.

The General Marshall is the third DSC dredge in Callan’s fleet, joining the 12-inch cutter suction dredge General Eisenhower and the 8-inch cutter suction dredge General Swing. Other dredges in Callan’s fleet include the 32-inch General MacArthur, the 28-inch General Bradley, the 18-inch General Pershing and the 16-inch General Patton.

Trahan said the General Marshall, which brings higher production capabilities to the company’s fleet of dredges, is already hard at work.

“The General Marshall is capable of dredging a wide variety of projects in both deep water and shallow water,” Trahan said. “It is currently working on a maintenance project at a private terminal in the Houston area.”