City Of Louisville Grounded On Upper Miss

The mv. City of Louisville grounded July 29 on the Upper Mississippi River after puncturing its hull.

The Coast Guard received a report about 4:30 p.m. July 29 from the vessel, which is owned by Reliant Marine Solutions, said James Hague, a spokesman for Coast Guard District 8.

The Coast Guard reported that while underway pushing 15 empty barges upriver at approximately Mile 42.5, near Thebes, Ill., the vessel hit an object that caused a puncture in the bottom of the towing vessel. It grounded shortly thereafter just outside the green buoy line with the head of the tow sticking approximately 100 feet into the channel, Hague said.

No injuries were reported. The Coast Guard reported no river closures as a result of the accident, which remained under investigation.

The City of Louisville is a twin-screw 1,200 hp. towboat built in 1962 by Dravo Corporation.