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Metal Fabricator Chooses Port Muskogee For Expansion

Port Muskogee, Okla., announced recently that a New Mexico-based company has chosen Muskogee for expansion. Although the port didn’t initially name the group, subsequent reports identified it as JKLM LLC.

With the company’s recent acquisition of the former Muskogee Metal Fabricators building and business, the group brings more than 70 years of expertise in manufacturing commercial tanks. Their decision to invest in Muskogee was driven by strategic factors, the port said in a news release, including the region’s centralized location in the United States, access to skilled welders, and local support.

The investment of $3.3 million into the facility and operations of Muskogee Metal Fabricators is projected to lead to the creation of at least 22 new jobs over the next three years, offering an average annual salary of $52,000.00.

Port Muskogee supported this investment by connecting Muskogee Metal Fabricators to local and state incentives, including the Oklahoma Small Employer Quality Jobs Act and the new Rural Jobs Act. This collaboration further encouraged the company’s decision to invest in the region.

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“We are delighted to welcome the New Mexico company’s expansion to Muskogee,” stated Kimbra Scott, executive port director at Port Muskogee. “Their decision to invest in our community demonstrates the attractiveness of our local business environment. As Muskogee Metal Fabricators embarks on this new chapter, we are committed to providing support as they generate new jobs, make capital investments, and add to the growth of our community.”

The City of Muskogee Foundation approved a Strategic Investment Program (SIP) application worth $99,000 in incentives over the next three years. Port Muskogee implements and administers the Strategic Investment Program, which is a performance-based incentive granted once supporting documentation for the investment and new jobs is provided.

Muskogee Mayor Marlon Coleman expressed his appreciation for the company’s decision to choose Muskogee for its expansion and to acquire an existing business that was facing challenges.

“The acquisition of Muskogee Metal Fabricators and their decision to invest in our community is a testament to the potential and opportunities that Muskogee offers,” Coleman said. “By breathing new life into this established business, they are not only creating 22 new jobs but also revitalizing a pillar of our local economy. We are grateful for their confidence in Muskogee’s future and their dedication to driving economic prosperity in our city.”