Laborde Products Mitsubishi barge power unit.

Southwest Shipyard, Laborde Partner On Four Heater Barges

Laborde Products announced recently that it is partnering with Southwest Shipyard in the construction of four new heater barges. The collaboration aims to redefine efficiency, reliability and performance in the heater barge space, Laborde said.

Each of the four heater barges will be outfitted with a fully mechanical Laborde Products Mitsubishi barge power unit, a 99 kW Laborde generator and two Laborde barge pump units, ensuring optimal performance and seamless operations during discharge.

The Laborde barge pump units bring reliability and longevity to barge pump engines. Those hours at the dock discharging are the most critical of the life of the barge, and the robust simplicity of these mechanical C1-D1 barge pump power units provide the dependability operators require when it matters most, Laborde said.

“We are excited to be partnering with Southwest Shipyard on this project,” said Trace Laborde, vice president-sales for Laborde Products. “The combination of our heavy-duty Mitsubishi barge power units and 99 kW Laborde generators will undoubtedly raise the bar in terms of performance, efficiency and sustainability.”

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