Fuel Conditioner Tests Show Reduction In Particulate Matter Emissions

In trials conducted by independent engine emissions monitoring specialist Green Sea Guard B.V. on board the superyacht Yalla over the course of a year, the SulNOxEco Fuel Conditioner reduced emissions of black carbon and particulate matter of more than 99 percent, the manufacturer said in a recent press release.

“We have evaluated numerous fuel products over the years, but SulNOxEco Fuel Conditioner is truly exceptional,” said Anita Bradshaw, cofounder and CEO of Green Sea Guard. “Our analysis, encompassing hundreds of data points, revealed a staggering 6,200-fold reduction in particulates. Leveraging state-of-the-art laboratory-grade equipment capable of analyzing particulate matter in fine detail, we discovered that particulate levels immediately after combustion were three times lower than the ambient air in major cities like London and New York. Additionally, our simulation models suggest a theoretical reduction in fuel consumption exceeding 5 percent through the complete combustion of particulates.”

Nawaz Haq, executive director of SulNOx Fuel Fusions, noted that incomplete combustion of fossil fuels results in air pollution that causes millions of deaths worldwide.

“These groundbreaking test results place SulNOx Group, Superyacht Yalla, GSG and Hestia at the forefront of the fight against air pollution, armed with a solution that offers significant environmental and operational benefits,” Haq said. “As the world combats climate change and air pollution, we now have a beacon of hope for a sustainable future across all markets utilizing hydrocarbon fuels.”

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Nicholas Fairfax, director of SulNOx Group Plc and head of marine at SulNOx, underscored the reduction in particulate matter emissions and its implications for SulNOx revenues in the shipping sector. He emphasized that even a 5 percent fuel saving for shipping companies could be a potential game-changer for profitability. Fairfax further highlighted the benefits of these reductions for shipowners, offering crucial support for their Carbon Intensity Indicator compliance and anticipated emissions reduction regulations.

Larry Parsons, CEO of SulNOx worldwide distributor Steele Environmental, expressed enthusiasm for the extraordinary test results, stating, “Steele Environmental is excited about these extraordinary test results. This is an enormous proof point for Steele Environmental customers that are managing ESG and regulatory compliance requirements on a global scale.”

SulNOx presented its findings at the flagship conference during Maritime Week Gibraltar last summer.

SulNOx Group is headquartered in London; Steele Environmental is based in Valencia, Calif.