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Obituary: Michael Lindgren

Michael Lindgren, former vice president of operations at Riverway Company, passed away at his home in Minneapolis, Minn., on November 30, his 85th birthday. Lindgren was involved in the river transportation business for many years with the Riverway Harbor Service in St. Louis and Powerway Company, a wholly owned subsidiary distributing Alco engines and parts.

He began his career managing another subsidiary of UMTC (Upper Mississippi Towing Company), which eventually changed its name to Riverway in 1977. The company was Gas Hut, the first self-serve gas stations in the United States. Lindgren had come from Continental Oil, where he was vice president of operations and chief operating officer.

Lindgren was always the first person in the office checking boat and barge positions and getting a jump on the day’s activities. He was also responsible for the insurance program for all facilities and equipment at Riverway, along with settlement of any claims.

When the new corporate headquarters was built in Eden Prairie, Minn., in 1998, Lindgren oversaw construction. He was also responsible for working with Bollinger Shipyards in the construction of the mv. Bootsie B in 2001. Working with Bollinger, he made certain all the newest equipment and technology was put onboard.

When Ingram Barge Company purchased the equipment from Riverway in 2005, Lindgren inventoried everything and made sure of a seamless sale transaction. People in the business, and his fellow employees, believed Mike knew more about the industry and boats than anyone.

He is survived by his wife, Judy, and two sons. Private family services have been held.