Carboline Launches New Urethane Mastic For Emergency Maintenance

Carboline, a St. Louis-based manufacturer of coatings, linings and fireproofing products, announced on January 9 the launch of Carbothane DTM Mastic, a one-coat solution for emergency maintenance or quick-turn coating projects.

Carbothane DTM Mastic is a urethane-based hybrid that exhibits exceptional performance over minimally prepared steel surfaces, the company said. Its mastic properties offer corrosion protection, and as a urethane, it retains its color and gloss longer and weathers far better than competing epoxy mastic maintenance coatings, Carboline said.

“The value of Carbothane DTM Mastic in the market is clear: better corrosion protection and great visual appeal in a single coat,” said Jeff Anderson, executive vice president of quality, R&D and commercial resources for Carboline. “It performs exceptionally even over marginal surfaces, so it’s ideal for unplanned spot maintenance or emergencies.”

In July 2023, Carbothane DTM Mastic was trialed on an emergency pipeline coating project at a liquid terminal in Philadelphia after corrosion and discoloration were found. The terminal owner needed the piping repainted quickly to remain compliant with regulations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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The product was applied by hand in tough conditions, including a minimally prepared surface, the presence of moisture and very hot summer temperatures. The application was smooth, and the coating performed as intended, bringing the piping back into EPA compliance with no fines, Carboline said in the press release.