Orion Rebrands TAS Concrete Subsidiary

Orion Group Holdings announced January 29 that it had rebranded its subsidiary TAS Concrete Construction as Orion.

TAS Concrete Construction was acquired by Orion Group Holdings in 2015 and had continued to operate under the TAS name until now.

The move reflects the parent company’s strategic initiative to integrate its different service offerings under one banner to leverage Orion’s brand reputation and to deliver greater value and seamless execution for its customers, the company said in the announcement.

“By unifying under the Orion banner, we will have a more recognizable presence in the national market, enhancing our brand and market opportunities,” said Travis Boone, CEO of Orion Group Holdings. “This integration will unlock new potential for growth, foster collaboration across teams and support our mission to deliver high-quality solutions with predictable excellence,”

The company also reported that, through the fourth quarter of 2023 and January 2024, it was awarded $244.2 million in new contracts, including $38.7 million for a beach stabilization project in Texas and $24.1 million for dredging work in Louisiana.