Automation will increase production especially on sand and gravel dredges.Many U.S. dredges still utilize pneumatic and hydraulic technology for process control and information feedback. Production data when it exists is usually written down on a piece of paper. More often actual production information isn't obtained until a survey is done and compared to the original site survey. Real-time information showing where and how much the dredge is digging is often unavailable. Determining the depth that a dredge is digging at is usually determined with a calibrated stick or length of line hung overboard. Read More

. The Presidents budget for fiscal year 2009 (FY09) transmitted to Congress on February 4 includes $4.741 billion in new federal funding for the annual Civil Works program of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and an additional $5.761 billion in an emergency request for a total request of $10.502 billion. Read More

.Craig Vogt retired from the U.S. Environmental Protection Administration on January 4. He will continue his work with the Western Dredging Association Environmental Commission after his retirement. Read More

.Ross Laboratories Inc. has introduced a new integrated side scan sonar / sub bottom profiler survey system. The portable modular design allows the user to configure a system that will best suit their requirements. Housed in two rugged Pelican cases the system is ideal for surveyors traveling to remote areas using small local vessels. Read More

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