2021: The Annual Review Of Waterway Events 2021: The Annual Review Of Waterway Events
2021: The Annual Review Of Waterway Events

The year 2021 was a dramatic year in infrastructure developments, with much of the action turning on efforts by the administration of incoming President Joe Biden to overturn or reverse… Read More

American Queen Voyages ceased all operations February 20, terminating its employees and canceling all future cruises. Hornblower Group, parent company of American Queen Voyages, announced it was filing for Chapter… Read More

On January 26, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration formally withdrew its nationwide COVID-19 vaccine mandate after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-3 on January 13 that Congress had not… Read More

Challenges Of Growth And Progress On The Waterways In looking ahead to the coming year, waterways industry leaders and experts generally find that, apart from the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and… Read More

In the United States, inland and nearshore cruising returned to the inland waterways and coastal waters last spring and summer, with blue water cruises returning to some ports late in… Read More

Legal battles continue to rage up to the level of the Supreme Court over the Biden administration’s attempt to use the Occupational Health and Safety Administration to enforce mandated COVID-19… Read More