5th International Dredging Technology Development Conference, Beijing, China

The 5th International Dredging Technology Development Conference was held in Beijing, China, on November 28 and 29, with participants coming from many European countries. Under the theme of “Dredging, Ecology, Sustainability,” major global dredging projects were profiled as well as the progress of dredging technology in China, which has become an important international player in recent years, making inroads in many emerging countries. The event also showcased technical and construction management achievements and complex dredging projects, island and tunnel infrastructure projects involving sea-crossing bridge and dredging equipment development as well as China’s rather controversial offshore artificial island construction.

The two-day gathering was organized by the Eastern Dredging Association (EADA), the China Dredging Association (CHIDA) and China Communications Construction Co., Ltd. (CCCC). The Eastern Dredging Association is one of the three sister organizations comprising the World Association of Dredging Companies (the others being WEDA and CEDA) and serves Asia, Australia and the Pacific region. CCCC Dredging (Group) Co., Ltd. is a Chinese publicly traded construction company, with a large dredging division known as CCCC Dredging (Group) Co., Ltd. (CDC). CDC is a specialized division of CCCC created by fusing its three wholly-owned subsidiaries: Tianjin Dredging Company, Shanghai Dredging Company, and Guangzhou Dredging Company. These three dredging units have pioneered the Chinese dredging industry and are internationally active with six subsidiaries including Hong Kong Marine Construction Company.