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Heartland Barge Gets Creative With Online Sales Event

In a challenging market for marine equipment sales, Heartland Barge Management LLC is getting creative to meet that challenge. From March 11 through March 15, Heartland’s Equipment Sales and Leasing division is partnering with owners who have listed their equipment with Heartland for a new and innovative online inventory reduction sale. Inspections will be available February 25 through March 8.

Heartland’s ambition is to capitalize on its experience and geographic reach to aid its client base. “Heartland will act as facilitator of the whole process, from cradle to grave, making life easier for both sellers and buyers,” said Terry Robinson, vice president of equipment sales and leasing at Heartland.

Heartland and its listing clients have more than 60 offerings and counting. Many new listings will also be offered, including inland and blue water assets, as well as select offerings from its extensive catalogue of more than 700 pieces. Heartland’s goal is to create an active marketplace for those interested in both the sale and purchase of marine equipment. “We are implementing a large advertising campaign through print, digital, and social media, highlighting the equipment through an interactive website,” said Geoff Allen, marketing specialist for Heartland.

Equipment listings will include:

• inland and ABS classed barges;

• towboats;

• workboats; and

• utility and supply vessels.

Unless otherwise negotiated between the buyer and seller, all equipment is offered “As Is, Where Is.” All sales will be on a first come, first served basis.

Scott Korlin, manager of equipment sales and leasing said, “These are pieces of equipment we are highlighting that still have lots of years of use in our industry. We hope to provide a one-stop shopping opportunity for anyone looking for large equipment.”

“Though this is our first sale of this type, we are excited at the potential and can see this developing into something we do periodically,” said Robinson.

Further information for interested buyers and sellers can be found on the Heartland Barge Management website. Potential buyers need to register prior to the sale to gain access to the equipment for inspections and to make purchase offers.