Letters To The Editor

Letter To The Editor: Kelly Phillips

I would like to applaud your boldness in publishing such a powerful article as you did on January 21, concerning Kelly Phillips.

The entire article showed the unconditional love of God, the Holy Father and his sovereign power to expose his love and glory through so many “willing workers” to Mr. Phillips.

Many have gone astray, but he is willing to call their name and return them to the sheepfold as not only Mr. Phillips has come to realize, but many of us who have wandered away but chastened and restored back to him, our heavenly father.

I and others have added Mr. Phillips to our daily prayer list and daily group prayer meeting to pray daily, and I have shared this article not only with the chaplain, but with the congregation at church.

Thank you again for your boldness and the inspiration. God bless you all at The Waterways Journal and all those in the industry.

Christopher McCoy

Federal Correctional Institution

Seagoville, Texas