Asphalt Firm Seeks To Expand Barge Activity On Ohio River

NLS Asphalt, a division of National Lime & Stone Company, is proposing to expand a mooring area of an existing barge unloading area, the Empire Plant, it operates on the Ohio River in the Pittsburgh Engineer District to handle aggregate material.

The facility is located on the right descending bank of the Ohio River at Mile 56.3 in Knox Township, Jefferson County.

The company wants authorization to moor barges, unload aggregate, and to maintain the existing barge unloading area. A barge with two spuds is currently secured about 25 feet from the ordinary high-water mark. The barge includes an operating platform with a clamshell excavator, feed hopper and a suspended conveyor belt that reaches the conveyor belt on the bank. Additional barges with aggregate are secured to the spudded barge.

The proposed mooring area is about 600 feet long by 125 feet wide.

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The district engineer has concluded that the proposed project may, but is not likely to, affect endangered or threatened species. There are no historic or registered sites on the property.