Prosecutors Demand Dredging at Una Bay in Brazil

Pará state prosecutors demanded that the city of Belém, in Brazil, perform “immediate” dredging in the channels of the Una Bay. The body of public prosecutors, also known as the Ministério Público do Pará (MPPA), requested on July 15 that the municipality present a short, medium and long-term emergency plan in 20 days, MPPA said. Prosecutors said the Uba Bay wasn’t receiving proper maintenance, including dredging. Last year, in a court hearing involving prosecutors and the city of Belém, both parties agreed to set a term of commitment (TAC), as funds by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) would be released to fund the project. However, the city of Belém hasn’t thus far taken steps to address urgent measures needed to clean up the area, not at least at its most critical points, MPPA said. The city of Belém expects works to begin in 2020.