Corps To Issue General Permit For Dredging Red River

Recognizing the need for speed in restoring navigation channels choked by this spring’s silt, the Vicksburg Engineer District plans to issue a Department of the Army General permit on behalf of stakeholders on the Red River. Along with the Arkansas River and the Missouri River, the Red experienced some of the heaviest flooding and silting during this spring’s unprecedented high water.

The proposed General Permit 50 would authorize maintenance dredging for the removal of sediment in the main navigation channel, around existing docks, under existing barge fleeting and mooring areas, and within associated access channels and port basins.

Material removed via hydraulic dredging may be either discharged in an upland contained area or discharged as a hydraulic suspension into swift water in the river’ s main channel. Material excavated by clamshell dredging or other excavation equipment would be discharged into upland areas, unless processed as slurry with river water to a consistency similar to hydraulic dredged material.

The General Permit does contain certain limitations. Construction dredging or fill operations which include regulated work and/or discharges of dredged or fill material into Section 10.404 or Section 404 regulated waters of the United States that are not specifically authorized by the permit are prohibited unless specifically approved by the district engineer via separate authorization.

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Dredging operations are to avoid interfering with navigation to the maximum extent possible.

Advanced maintenance dredging could be authorized after case-specific reviews.

The Vicksburg District requests water quality certification for the General permit from the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality.